Introducing our GLE Team: Meet Jen

Next up on our Gilded Lily Events team introductions is super woman, Jen! The story of Jen is that a photographer that we both know thought we would hit it off and I am sure glad she did! (Thank you Kate!) Jen and I met at Starbucks and I immediately knew that she would be a great asset to our team. I was impressed by how Jen makes everything look effortless. She is (just recently) a mother to THREE boys, a great wife, daughter and friend, an avid instagrammer, an event planner, and now an entrenepeur in her own right as she and her husband just started the super chic VW bus photobooth company called VW Booth Bus. Meet Poppy here and hire them for your wedding immediately!

Here is a little more about Jen in a quick Q & A:

Me: What is your guilty pleasure?

J: Probably instagram!  Not that I’m embarrassed to admit I love instagram (I certainly do), but maybe would not like to admit the miles my thumb has scrolled while getting lost in all the pretty pictures!

Me: What makes you laugh the most?

J: Gosh, I love a good laugh!  Especially the I can’t breathe/I’m crying kind.  All my closest people make me laugh the most!  (my husband, my two sons, my mom, my best girlfriends…)

Me: What is one thing you’ll never give up on?

J: I’ll never give up on the things that make me happiest.  I’ll never give up on trying to do it all!  (which is pretty much impossible, but I’ll always try… to be the best wife I can be, mother, friend, and wedding planner…with a nice, clean, pretty house which seems to be a contradiction most of the time!)  And also, never giving up on the idea of “wherever you are, be all there.”  Always trying to be present and appreciate and enjoy the things happening right here, right now.

Me: What do you love most about working in weddings?

J: Well let me say… I LOVE weddings.  Love, love, love.  Choosing and planning the details is so fun and exciting for me, and I appreciate how those details are so personal and unique to each couple.  And then, I love how at every Gilded Lily Events wedding I’ve ever been a part of, after being blown away by how beautifully everything comes together, I am blown away again by the love that fills the room and makes it all truly magical.  Gorgeous design + amazing couples makes me completely thrilled to be a part of every GLE wedding.

Me: Do you have a favorite moment with GLE?

J: I have many favorite moments with GLE!  First of all, Paige is so incredibly talented and so good at her job, so it’s a pleasure to work for her and with her every single time!   It is certainly hard to decide but I think my favorite moment was seeing the breathtaking transformation of Stillwell Stables for Nicole and Mike’s wedding.  From the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception in the barn, each area was prettier than the next and it was hard to believe horses could typically be found in the barn that was now adorned with long farm tables, sparkling chandeliers, luxurious floor to ceiling drapery, sitting areas with vintage rentals, and flowers covering the tables and hanging from the beams.  It was truly spectacular.

If there is something to be done, Jen can do it! I am so lucky to have her as a teammate & friend!

Photo : Christina Lilly Photography

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