5 Ways to Incorporate a Theme into your Wedding: Love Letter Theme

This past August, Gilded Lily Events designed and planned a wedding at the beautiful Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, PA, but before that day it all began with a very much in love couple and two words. LOVE LETTERS. At my first meeting with this smitten couple, they told me in passing that they enjoyed writing notes to each other during their courtship. They would leave post-its, write notes on the mirror, and pen sweet nothings whenever they got the chance. This immediately struck a chord with me and the theme of their wedding was born.

For some people the word “theme” has a bad connotation. However, I do not believe that is the case if you execute it correctly or of course hire a wedding planner or designer that can help you bring your theme to life.  As you can see in the gorgeous photos by Christina Lilly Photography, our love letter theme was understated in many ways and very personal.

1. LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS. Using their monogram, hand lettered impeccably by Mary Kate Moon, I had a custom wax seal made for their envelopes and to affix their escort cards to their favors.  This little detail reminded me of the lost art of letter writing and of an aristocrat penning a love letter to a sailor across the sea. Are you imagining it too?




2. Create an unique guest book. With an antique writing desk, we created a LOVE NOTE STATION for their guests to write messages to Cindy and Kareem.  The notes will be a keepsake for years to come. I would suggest putting them in a scrapbook for safe keeping.

wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania14 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania17

3.  SAY THANK YOU! It was important to Cindy and Kareem that they could write a note to their guests. We decided on a note for each table thanking their guests for being such a special part of their lives and for their support on their wedding day.  Thank you to Maie at Noon Designs for creating such beautiful paper goods for their reception (see above too!).


4. WRITE YOUR VOWS. Cindy and Kareem worked with their officiant to craft the perfect vows. The ceremony was so sacred to both of them and you could really feel how special this moment was. During the ceremony, Cindy and Kareem both placed love letters in a box to be opened on their first anniversary. I wish I had done that at my wedding! It would so nice to read how you were feeling the morning before you became husband and wife.

One of my all time favorite details is the large scale backdrop we designed for their cake display. Again with the beautiful calligraphy of Mary Kate Moon, we wrote their vows for all to see. It made the most romantic backdrop as the light shone through the fabric. I will always love this and Cindy and Kareem told me that they had the fabric cut and framed to hang in their house. What a beautiful reminder of the words they spoke to each other that day! The ultimate love letter.

wedding-design-planning-new-jersey-pennsylvania13 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania15 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania16

5.  TAKE A PAGE FROM THE PAST. I ripped pages from old books to create the table runner for the escort card and gift tables. We created cones for the petals to be showered on Cindy and Kareem as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife for the first time. It is these little details that carry your theme throughout the wedding but are understated and simple to achieve.




This wedding was so sweet and we are so honored to have been a part of it! Here are some more photos below from Christina Lily Photography and please feast your eyes on the gorgeous flowers by Dorian at Wallflowers. I love how it all came together so beautifully!

wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania4 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania5 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania6 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania7 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania8 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania9 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania10 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania11 wedding-planning-design-new-jersey-pennsylvania19

Thank you Cindy and Kareem! xo Paige

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